Monday, September 7, 2009

Never too late

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted. Why? Because I have been too busy reading other folks' blogs. I was so glad to go and get to see my daughter, but now it has been almost a year and my heart is beginning to ache again. I don't ask for much, just a hug and maybe a lunch together, and getting the chance to see son in law and most especially loving on my grand babies ( the dogs of course ).

So what have I been up too. A little crafting and mostly working on quilts. I have, I think, 9 finished for the Sunshine group and at least that many in process. Which means, finished tops, or tops that are almost finished. Ran out of batting, so will have to get more. I have been doing some other sewing projects also. Made a set of six place mats, coasters, table runner, apron, and two sets of six napkins for daughter. I finished the quilt for my sister and also made her a grocery bag. Made two lap quilts with matching tote bags to carry them in. One for sister and one for the mother in law. Am working on 4 place mats for the mother in law also. Repaired a bunch of pants for the hubby. I always seem to put that off for another day and then another day and then another. LOL Guess you can tell that I don't like repair work.

Hubby spent most of Feb thru middle of August up in Birmingham working. If I haven't mentioned it before, he drives those monster motor coach tour buses. So the time he spent up there was doing shuttle work with a mini bus. He does like the bigger one much better. He came home the middle of August and has only worked a couple of day's since then. Good thing I put a little away while he was gone. This time of the year the work is slow but we are better prepared than last year, so it will be ok.

I have been reading so many blogs. With mozilla, which by the way I really like, I have created folders by catagory. One for RV'er's, Quilting, Art, Info, and many others. When I click on it the list's go on and on. It is my link to the outside world. I really enjoy them and I should add to this blog listing more of the ones I really enjoy. Also looking and reading other blog's with all the fancy stuff makes me more aware that I really need to spend some time and learn some of the nifty tricks that I see other's doing.

So I have taken picture's of some of my work, now to get them downloaded onto this blog. That is my next project.

So will close for now. More to come. A special thanks to all the other blogger's that enrich my life. Later

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