Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures of Utah

This is absolutely beautiful....   I can see this when we leave daughter's house and drive to the store.  

I have a lot more to post.   Just wait and see. 


Natalie said...

hi linda. thanks for checking out my blog. your art is beautiful. i definitely love playing with beeswax, it is so fun! have you used it before? i just bought it this past week and it's all new to me. lol. arizona is nice and the land is pretty fair priced, in more rural areas rather than inner city. otherwise it's average.

Annie Littlewolf said...

The mountains of Utah are spectacular. I'll bet it you had a superzoom on your camera, you'd be able to see some climbers on the mountains. We did that on our trip to Yosemite when I went to meet my real dad for the first time.
I just love the idea of your tooling around the country with your little home on wheels behind you.
Nice photo! It would make a great painting.

Pat said...

Oh you should see them now with all the snow on them. Utah really is a beautiful place.

Glad I got to meet you when you were here.