Friday, November 14, 2008

Pictures of Utah

This is absolutely beautiful....   I can see this when we leave daughter's house and drive to the store.  

I have a lot more to post.   Just wait and see. 

I am in Utah

I know, my next post was supposed to be about crafting and some pictures of what I am doing.  Last minute changes, daughter bought me a ticket and here I am.  I am getting to see things that I never thought I would  get to see.  

I am going to try to post some pictures with this post.  We will see how much luck I will have.  At least I have my son in law to help if I get stuck.        

Did get to a couple of craft store's and get a couple of Tim Holtz things, like fragments, grungeboard and a couple of distress pads.   Wasn't I lucky.  

So I am going to post some pictures now.     Later