Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Sleep In Day

Well if I didn't I sure missed a good chance. I slept off and on the entire day, mostly on.
Expeneded a lot of energy yesterday explaining to hubby about what I wanted to do to my truck and then watching the quilt makers and the work they do. Got upset cause I can't get to my stuff cause of the way things are right now, and that makes me angry. So I just slept it all off today and didn't get anything done.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. It is bill paying day and will probably go and get the new microwave to replace the broken one. Just got used to having one and it seems funny not to have it. The things that we get adjusted too.

I just want to get out there and go camping away from it all with some of my craft stuff and feel free to get creative. Can't seem to do that here at home. Too much to interfer with my thought process. You know, dishes, laundry, what to cook for dinner. Those kinds of things.

Tomorrow is another day and productive on way or another

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Was this a lost day or not

Did I accomplish anything or not. Looking for something worthwhile on TV and stopped at the cooking show and Paula Dean. Lordy, lordy, I should have changed channels cause what she was doing probably put five poounds on my already overloaded frame. Wouldn't you know that I had what I needed to make this mess with. So , I guess you know what I did. I made the mess and what a keeper it will be. Simple canned bisquits, cream cheese, butter, brown sugar, pecans, walnuts and a few minutes of time. Was getting ready to tell hubby I had no idea what breakfast was going to be and then I produced this awsome concoction. He said I could repeat it when ever I wanted.

To get back to what I started out on, I spent a lot of time, energy , hand motions, working the mouth, and a little bit of hand drawing to get my idea across to hubby. We have a little Aliner Cabin A3 which is perfect for me to camp in, but a little tight for hubby. If it wasn't for my lack of patience we whould have something different, but it works for us for now. Hubby has to work and I don't so he can't go much and I can.

I want to make an enclosure for my truck, kind of like a camper, to use for storeing stuff so I can go do the craft show stuff and we can go camping with more room for him and his stuff.
Took a lot to convince him but I did. Now If I can only get him to help me. That will take moving a mountain I am afraid. I don't know if I have the energy for that anymore. Will try to do it myself if I can.

Not to make this too long I will end it for now.
Maybe tomorrow I will get something done.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What am I going to work on next.

Did I make anything today. Nope, but I did get a little bit done outside with my plants. Even made husband come out to help. That was a major feat in itself.

Found a link on one of the web sites about RVing and can't get enough of it. Pine straw basketmaking. So many beautiful baskets and great people making them. Some of the sites sell the supplies needed and even give out beginner info to make your own. So here is an idea, when you are camping collect the needles , bundle them , and then sell them. They go for about a dollar for a 4 oz bundle. More on other sites. Oh well, just a thought. I might try it out when I get to go camping again.

Speaking of camping and crafts. Go to get going. This just sitting here is for the birds. AND how do I get people to look at this and add comments. That will take some figuring out. It does give me someplace to put a few words down and at least make my mind work.

Later folks.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Just Another Day

Will this be just another mindless day. Somedays are like that I suppose. Trying to get into a creative mindset. Got a turkey breast out to put on the grill. Will see what happens.

Went looking at other bloggers with Creations in the listing or title or whatever the other stuff is.Lots of stuff out there and it has given me some ideas. Now I have to learn about posting pictures and linking and other stuff. Never a dull moment in the life of a newbee.

Looks like I found some places or people I would like to make a contact with.
The question is how safe is all this. You are open to the world and whatever and whoever might be out there. Guess this is the new way and a new life and if you want to try a new way of doing things and communicating.

Just more things to ponder and wonder about.

So I guess now I should just jump in and try it. Then I think that is what I have already done by doing just what I am doing now.

Nothing creative on this post. Just a lot of wandering.

I need to take my little camper and go RVing to someplace quiet where I can get a hookup.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Come and talk to and with me.

I am at home all the time, not by choice, and my mind just goes with all the things I want to do.
I love to cook, quilt, random crafts, and what ever I decide I might want to try to do.

I have done a couple of craft shows with my creations, rubber stamping, paper crafting, cigar box purses, candy making and a few other items. By nature I am not a sales person so I didn't enjoy trying to sell my things as much as I thought I would.

I found a magazine that has been a wonderful inspiration to me. So now I am getting into collage using different papers, fibers, paints and powders, material, and just about anything else I can find to add to the mess.

So come and join me in our pursuit of creations, whatever they might be.