Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What am I going to work on next.

Did I make anything today. Nope, but I did get a little bit done outside with my plants. Even made husband come out to help. That was a major feat in itself.

Found a link on one of the web sites about RVing and can't get enough of it. Pine straw basketmaking. So many beautiful baskets and great people making them. Some of the sites sell the supplies needed and even give out beginner info to make your own. So here is an idea, when you are camping collect the needles , bundle them , and then sell them. They go for about a dollar for a 4 oz bundle. More on other sites. Oh well, just a thought. I might try it out when I get to go camping again.

Speaking of camping and crafts. Go to get going. This just sitting here is for the birds. AND how do I get people to look at this and add comments. That will take some figuring out. It does give me someplace to put a few words down and at least make my mind work.

Later folks.

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