Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Place to Park

Well I think we found a piece of land to buy. It is sorta down the road from where we are now. It is 2 lots side by side with some trees and some good open land. Probably all told a 1/4 of an acre. Just the right size and the price is just right too. So after the first of the year when hubby goes back to Birminham we will start the process of getting the money together and should be able to pay cash for it. That will be the best part. Free and clear except for property taxes.

The property is already plumbed for city water so the only things we will have to do is put in a septic tank and a power pole. I think we are going to go with a satellite dish, here we don't get the lightning storms like we did in Florida, so I think that will be more feasible. It will be more of a portable set up so we can take it rving also. It will only take several hundred dollars to move our little building and get it set up there. So it it looking like something much more positive in the real near future. Can't complain here cause we are only paying 85 dollars a month for lot rent. I don't think we could get something like that any cheaper. This new lot will still be an ok location for hubby to go back and forth to work. So that is a good thing.

Just sewed some strips together today. Going to make some little coupon bags with it. About halfway done with the process. Will work more tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am taking italian sausage, meatballs, fresh tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, V8 juice and putting on a crock pot of goodie's for supper. Will make a pasta salad and have some fresh hooagie rolls to go with it. Taking it down and sharing supper with some neighbors. Really great folks.

Better go and finish dinner for hubby. He has to leave for work around 2 am, so he needs to eat and watch a little tv and go to sleep.

Signing off Have a great day Thanks for looking Don't forget to make a comment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crumbs, Strings and Crazy Quilting

OK OK I know I promised pictures. Going to get my camera back this weekend for sure.

So on to the posting. I pulled out the box ( about sweater size ) that has a lot of crumb and string blocks. Some completed and a lot not. So the last two days I have been working on those. Finished up a lot of crumb and string in the 6 1/2 inch size and the started new strings in the 4 inch size and also finished up a lot of strings and crumbs in the 4 inch size.

Think I will take the 4 inch ones and add boarders and make a couple of small quilts with what I have finished. I noticed Pat ( my friend ) at Pattilou'squilts donates blocks to Heartstrings on Yahoo. Think I will check that out a little more.

I think that I mentioned before the scraps that Pat and Pat sent me last year. Still working with them for crumbs and strings. Really got the pile they sent worked down. Just 3 bags left. Wide strings, narrow strings and junk for finishing up stuff. I have always wanted to try to do a crazy quilt. It has always seemed such a daunting task. When getting ready to finish up the crumbs and strings I took some fabric that I could use to make more strings and cut it into 4 1/2 squares for strings. Had my bag of narrow strings and my bag of junk out to use and got the crazy idea to try a crazy square. Well I did it. Ended up making about a dozen 4 inch squares with the crazy quilt idea. Wasn't so daunting working with a 4 1/2 square of material. It wasn't easy but I keep playing and like I said I did get a few done. I know I should get a book on it or go online and check it out. I am sure I would find a lot of instructions for helping me. I am just not a reading instruction kind of person. I am more a hands on, but I am sure there are hints and things that would help me in the process. So now that I have given it a shot I have about a 100 pieces of the 4 1/2 squares ready to be used. Am going to grab the junk bag and go to town. Can't hurt and maybe I will get comfortable with the process and not feel so overwhelmed with it.

Going to post pics soon. Bear with me.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Two tops finished and a free giveaway

So now I have finished the top for the new to be granddad and started to tie it off. Finished the top for the daughter's friend. Have to get my camera back so I can take some pics and show them off.

A free giveaway. Lots of material. I am telling you all about it and am going to post a link so you can go and check it out. I found out from a fellow blogger who mentioned it. The giveaway is by Pumpkin Patch Primitive Quilt Shoppe.

Looks like a lot of great fabric. If enough folks enter they will give away a second batch and then more folks and then a gift certificate. So you have a good chance. Sure better than the lottery.

So go and check it out. Worth the chance. Later

Friday, October 16, 2009

Another Baby Quilt

Finished the top for the new granddad to be and got started on one my daughter asked me to make. Her best friend lives in the Atlanta area and just had a baby boy. I had gotten some material with all kinds of fish and things, cause daughter said that was what she wanted, so I started cutting out the blocks. I have never taken a piece of material and just cut out certain parts of it and creating a lot of scrap. ( Of course it won't go to waste now that I can do crumbs and strings, thanks to Pat of Pattilou'squilts ) It has taken me almost a month to get up the courage to do the cutting. I used my 6 1/2 acrylic block and started marking and then started cutting. That first cut was hard but I finished and now have 30 blocks. Then I cut out the same amount of bright yellow fabric in the same size squares. I may have counted wrong, but anyway I have layed them out and started to put them together. Got to get my camera back from a friend so I can take some pictures.

I linked to another web site and blog today from my friend Pat. She is really a great lady and I am lucky to have her for a friend. I posted a link to it here on my blog. A young lady with a lot of talent and heart. Check out her web site for great pricing and selection on Moda fabric. You all know how I feel about Moda fabric. Just love it. Anyway go and check out her web site and then visit her blog. She has a great video about the recent trip to an orphanage that her and her hubby got to do. Green Fairy Quilts Amazing young lady, and I have to give her a lot of respect for what she does and has three little ones at home to boot. I do remember being that young and having a lot more energy than I do now.

So that all for tonight folks. You all take care. Later

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Been working on baby quilts. Hubby has a co worker that is having his first grandchild. So of course that required making another baby quilt. That make three in the last few months. So tonight I went to Pat's blog, pattilou's quilts and saw a new sign. Copied it and put it on my blog too. So now I guess I will be doing some small quilts for needy girls with new babies. Think it will make my heart feel good. Will post some pictures in a day or two. Later folks.