Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crumbs, Strings and Crazy Quilting

OK OK I know I promised pictures. Going to get my camera back this weekend for sure.

So on to the posting. I pulled out the box ( about sweater size ) that has a lot of crumb and string blocks. Some completed and a lot not. So the last two days I have been working on those. Finished up a lot of crumb and string in the 6 1/2 inch size and the started new strings in the 4 inch size and also finished up a lot of strings and crumbs in the 4 inch size.

Think I will take the 4 inch ones and add boarders and make a couple of small quilts with what I have finished. I noticed Pat ( my friend ) at Pattilou'squilts donates blocks to Heartstrings on Yahoo. Think I will check that out a little more.

I think that I mentioned before the scraps that Pat and Pat sent me last year. Still working with them for crumbs and strings. Really got the pile they sent worked down. Just 3 bags left. Wide strings, narrow strings and junk for finishing up stuff. I have always wanted to try to do a crazy quilt. It has always seemed such a daunting task. When getting ready to finish up the crumbs and strings I took some fabric that I could use to make more strings and cut it into 4 1/2 squares for strings. Had my bag of narrow strings and my bag of junk out to use and got the crazy idea to try a crazy square. Well I did it. Ended up making about a dozen 4 inch squares with the crazy quilt idea. Wasn't so daunting working with a 4 1/2 square of material. It wasn't easy but I keep playing and like I said I did get a few done. I know I should get a book on it or go online and check it out. I am sure I would find a lot of instructions for helping me. I am just not a reading instruction kind of person. I am more a hands on, but I am sure there are hints and things that would help me in the process. So now that I have given it a shot I have about a 100 pieces of the 4 1/2 squares ready to be used. Am going to grab the junk bag and go to town. Can't hurt and maybe I will get comfortable with the process and not feel so overwhelmed with it.

Going to post pics soon. Bear with me.

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