Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Back

I knew it had been awhile since I posted last, just no idea it had been so long.

I know I posted about our life here in SLA and what was going on. To make a story short the folks we have been house sitting for are back from Florida. So I haven't had a counter to work on and getting online has been a hassle. It has been good to have them home cause Vera and I are good friends and do a lot of crazy stuff together. But, to update the story we have our little "house" now and it is on a rented large lot with lots of shade. My little rig is right next to it. Will have to post a picture.

Haven't quilted or crafted or done anything in so long. Right now I am doing the wiring in the little house. Yes, ladies can do anything. I have done six receptacles so far. And they all work. So have a a/c installed and working, my freezer and fridge plugged in and working, a fan and several lights. Half the ceiling is insulated and need to get the other half done. Will continue to wire and add insulation until that part is done. Need to install a toilet and sink and shower and hook ups for my washing machine too. Going to cover the floor with tile and then put up paneling and some light fixtures and a ceiling fan. Get a few cabinets and shelving units, hope to get to IKEA for some of that stuff. That will be pretty much it and when done will all be paid for out of pocket. No mortgage for me. Need to find a piece of land for our own and then get the house moved.

So the ballgame here in this part of the country is on and were in the first inning and going strong. Feel better cause it is ours and now I can set up to sew and craft to my hearts desire. Will post some pictures later.

Stay safe and thanks for reading.