Friday, September 18, 2009

Online Order

Received my order yesterday from Bob's Red Mill. Shortbread Cookie Mix, Bran Muffin Mix, and Buttermilk Biscuit Mix. All packaged beautifully and boy does it look good. Got to get some dishes done first and then supper started, making Swiss Steak using some cube steak I get at the local store. It is a small place ( a chain of only 3 or 4 stores in the local area ), but they have the best meat's. Going to serve it with rice this time cause that is what hubby likes. I like it with mashed potatoes so I may make a small bowl for me. He can use the leftover rice to go with the gumbo I made the other day. Think we will have some cream corn to go with it. Have some nice dinner rolls and I may make a small salad also. Of course no dessert with all that food. We won't need it.

Spent a little time looking at the Bob's Mill web site and found so much that I want to order. Looked at the store locator and found a store about 20 miles down the road that is supposed to carry his products. Will check that out later next week to see what they have and the price. The prices on the web site are so good for what you are getting and the variety they have. It is just the shipping that can kill you. It has to come from Oregon and down here to SE Ala. Quite a distance, and it took one week shipping via UPS. If we get a chance to go see daughter in SLC next year I will order ahead and have it shipped to her. May lower the shipping cost some, I don't know.

So got to go and get some work done. Been reading so many RV blog's and not getting anything done. Most times it is so uplifting to read of the adventure's and then again it just makes me want to get out there and go. Can't yet cause the money isn't there. Oh well, next summer for sure.


Shea said...

I wonder how your Swiss Steak tastes compared to my dear, sweet Mother's... ;)

Hope all is well.
The Sheaster

LindaSue said...

OK Wendy What are you up too. I wrote you on facebook and wonder if you will answer.

Just to let you know all is well.