Friday, September 18, 2009

Grocery Bag

This grocery bag sort of came about by accident. I was busy reading blogs and linking to web sites and in general getting nothing done. LOL Thank goodness for my computer. Just think of all the work I would have to do if I didn't have it.

OK so to get back to the bag. Somewhere in my travels I found this pattern for this grocery bag. So, of course I had to download it. I had some jelly roll pieces left over so I started and sewed then in rows and then the rows together and finally made them into two pieces big enough to make the bag. Had to go to the quilt store and get some webbing for the handle. Bummer, right. I only bought one piece of material. But, it was all they had left on the bolt. It had a misprint or something and they marked it down to 2 dollars a yard. Now who can pass up a bargin like that. It was perfect to add to my stash.

OK back to the bag. So I spent all day, or at least several hours, making this bag. ( Not the one posted above). Later that evening I got a call from my baby sister in Chicago and I couldn't believe it. She was calling to ask me if I could make her a grocery bag. The usual ones are thin and don't hold up very long ( the recycle ones you can buy for a dollar or two ). So I told her what had transpired that day and yes I would make her one. Me and my big mouth. I thought, I wasn't going to spend hours sewing a bunch of little pieces together. So I had a brain fart and thought of the quilted material I had seen and off to Wally World I went. Was lucky to find two different patterns with enough left on the bolts to make two bags. At 5 dollars a yard I was happy. Had to get the webbing for the handle, but all together the cost was under 10 bucks. I revised the pattern a little and it made the bag go together much faster. In fact, what you see above took less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

It is big, measures appox 22 x 22 inches and has a 4 inch bottom. Almost as big as a paper sack from the grocery, if you can remember what they look like.

I think it turned out great, my sister is happy with it. Now my sister's in Jacksonville each want one. And one of them want's me to make some for a craft show she is doing later this year.

Maybe I should think about etsy. I don't know. Anyway, enjoy. Later

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