Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cooking, Quilting, Quilt Stores

Had a chance Monday to go to the little quilt store in Ozark. Really great place for quilting supplies, especially here in the middle of almost nowhere. It's called "Front Porch Quilt Shoppe". They do have a web site, but it is limited. They carry the Thimbleberries line, and a lot of Moda fabric and all the stuff that goes along with that. I had never seen Moda before going there about a year and a half ago. But, then I hadn't been to a quilt store in several years. So that may explain it.

I went because they have a little basket that they put their end pieces and scrap material in and sell it for 17 cents an inch. I was able to pick up 5 pieces that will add nicely to my stash. Also, out on the front pourch they have all the sale stuff and material that is marked down. I picked up two pieces of 1 yard each there. Found two pieces in the store and got a half yard each, and that will also add to my stash.

Speaking of Moda. They really have a great staff that comes up with all sorts of new ideas to sell the line of fabric. I picked up two little boxes they call Bake Shop. Each one had 20 1 1/2 " strips and a pattern. One for a real cute xmas stocking and the other for a nice little pocket bag. Well I just had to have them. Probably should not have. Especially since I got home and went to the Moda web site and found the two patterns on the free download. Oh well, the material that is in the boxes matches the patterns. Besides they were just too cute.

Then off I went to Dothan to the health food store. According to the store locator on the Bob's Red Mill web site this place carries their products. I picked up some flour ( gluten free ), wheat bran ( to add to my bread and muffins ), and some ground Almond flour. This one should add a real kick to my almond cresent cookies ( sometimes called wedding cookies ).

Hancock Fabrics was my next stop to see what they had on sale. Also wanted to pick up some quilting thread in colors. Been reading a couple of blogs and they were talking about hand quilting and using contrasting colors. Years ago when I started quilting I only did hand sewing and quilting. Have gotten away from the hand work and have been doing just machine sewing lately. I do miss the hand work. When I get all my quilting stuff out of storage I will post some pics of some of the hand made quilts I have done. All in minature though, nothing in full size quilts.

So at Hancock's they had 40 % off on the cotton and I just had
to get some. Picked up 5 1 yd. pieces to add to my stash. Really not the stash cause I think with a couple of pieces I have here at home it should be enough to make a quilt. All these blog's I have been reading have really got me inspired to do some things.

I do have some string block's that are ready to put together in a quilt and I am going to work on that first. Will post some pic's later.

Better go and finish the dishes, cause I do want to cook dinner tonight. Last night the Subway sandwiches were ok, just not a good homecooked meal. So tonight it is pork chops and maybe some mashed potatoes. Since I didn't get them the other night they have been on my mind and stomach. So it will be mashed potatoes. Think I will use my George Foreman for the porkchops. It does a great, quick job, easy to clean up and the fat just cooks off.

So for now, that's all folks. Thanks for looking and leave a comment. Love to read the ones I have gotten so far.


katie said...

Hi, just found your blog this morning.
Your camper is darling.
We have a new quilt store in Warsaw, Missouri connected to a rug hooking store. I thought since you mentioned Ozark you might be close. We do carry Moda.
I just finished a quilt top from mostly Moda fabric. You can see it at
come visit.

katie said...

I guess I will no long assume there is only one Ozark.

lunadelmar said...

Hello Lindasue,
I have a few minutes and i thought to share commits here with you.. I know that you have been so darling and so nice in leaving such a wonderful comments in my blog and today you are one on the list to do. And i wanted to tell you that i have a sister in-law that owns a quilt shop, but in Ohio.. Her website is "" Thought if you are looking for something that you can use for some other project or just looking for something.
I always wanted to do this kind of craft. I think it is very rewarding. One day i will pick up my sawing machine or, maybe take it to Mexico and start a project there..As a matter of fact, i did some studying in sawing back in my home in the Philippines when i was about 12.. And i really liked it. But with no funds to by materials i got discourage. I have done crocheting scarf for the family over the years and huts too, and that is about it.. But I like what you do with matching bags and a blanket. That is so cute..How long did that take to make?
Keep up the great designs..

Pat said...

So gal---I'm waiting on the pictures. *grin* I want to see your work! Look up Green Fairy Quilts and she sells 2 1/2" strips about half what the quilt shops sell them for. I have her link on my blog if you go there. If I leave this, I'll lose my comments--oh well. Hope you're doing well.

twokniveskatie said...

hiya linda sue! i am finally catching up on blogs...i so admire quilters...what alot of skill and patience it must take! i have fond memories of watching my aunt quilt when i was younger......