Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Nothing New

Went with hubby to dr today. Maybe he is getting what he needs to get rid of his sinus/ear infection. I sure hope so cause he gave it to me and I have been dealing with it for over two months. Started some antibiotic the other day so maybe for me it is over too.

Been busy reading blogs and found something on Pat's that I liked. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe you will see something new on mine.

I have got to get busy cause sister called and reminded me of a craft show in Oct. in her area. She wants me to get some stuff together that I can contribute. Plan on doing a couple of tote bags, maybe some lap quilts with matching totes. I have so much in process it wouldn't take much to finish up.

Some pictures coming tomorrow. Later

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grandmarockton said...

Always glad to know others START more than finish like me!