Saturday, September 19, 2009

THank You

How do you thank the people that have done things for you.

As I have mentioned before I think, I am, or was a nurse until I hurt my back. Continued to work another almost 6 years and then it got pretty bad and my doc made me go totally disabled. What a bummer I can tell you. I have alway's worked and enjoyed what I have done. So what did I do after spending quite a bit of time being totally down and depressed. I started quilting again. Made 17 full size quilt tops for starter's. Those all went to family and friends.

Well two years ago we moved to SE Ala and all my quilting stuff is in storage. Two ladies, Pat from Pattilou's quilts and Pat from Quilting is my Passion sent me several boxes of scraps and from that I have made 9 quilt for the Sunshine group that are ready to ship and another 10 or 12 tops that need to be finished when I can get the batting and a little more stuff for the backs.

Let me tell you that has been so great. It has given me something to do and made me feel good at the same time.

So how can I thank these ladies for what they did for me. So maybe this is one way to do it.

Then all of you can appreciate it too.

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grandmarockton said...

Sometimes THANKS is enough! but I do understand how you feel, so maybe a little table topper or tote bag with the thanks!