Thursday, September 10, 2009


I knew I would find it if I just kept looking and I did. One of the blog's I read is called Fab Grandma. Reading another blog I found something that I think would interest her. Bob's Red Mill Barn sells gluten free products, which she uses. So I was able to send her the info.

Then I made a mistake and went and looked at their products. Just ordered some stuff that I can use and make hubby some home made stuff to boot.

Since I love to cook and he loves to eat we are a match made in heaven. For over 34 years now.

Also found something that I want to be posted here on my blog, but I don't know if I will qualify.
So I will have to start posting some stuff about my cooking and my recipe's and stuff like that. Fab Grandma does it all the time. If she can then I can too.


grandmarockton said...

anything and everything goes in blog land so have at it!

Pat said...

Gluten free is becoming more and more acceptable due to the huge numbers of people allergic to wheat. I find I do much better when I don't eat wheat. I've tried gluten free recipes--but sadly they add pounds as fast as wheat recipes, so I really need to watch that too!

Have fun experimenting with a new possiblity for your blog entries.

Karen said...

Hi LindaSue! You left a comment on my blog asking how I found you. I was unable to answer you by e-mail because you are coming up as 'no-reply.' This means you need to add your e-mail address to your Blogger profile to correct the problem. In answer to your question, I found you on Quilting Bloggers. As for the Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses pattern, you can find the link (to purchase the book) on my sidebar. Now go get that e-mail address added to your profile! :)