Friday, September 18, 2009


Made Swiss Steak for dinner tonight. NO not a lousy picture this time. Making rice and white corn to go with it for hubby. I am German and like mine with mashed potatoes. Next time I will.

It has been simmering for several hours now and should just fall apart when I serve it up.

We have a small grocery chain here in SE Ala, with only about 4 stores. They have the best meat that you could ever want. So I had gotten some cube steak and that is what I used. I didn't do the round steak, beat it with a hammer, bread it and fry it up and then make your gravy thing.
I let the cube steak braise in it's own juice in the teflon lined pan with a good lid. I add my spices, mainly sea salt, pepper, paprika and garlic. I also add green pepper and chopped up onion. When all has simmered and the onion's are clear I add diced or stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce. I let that simmer again for a long time. I like mine with mashed potato's, but not tonight.

It is good, not too heavy and it fills you up. Later

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Gypsy said...

My mom always served swiss steak with mashed potatos. She used round steak and simmered it for hours, and I can't remember anything better. I've never been able to make it to my satisfaction, so I quit trying and haven't had it for years. MMMMM, you bring back some good memories.