Friday, February 1, 2008

No specific reason

Another day and another dollar or two or even less. Nothing much accomplished except I got a little running around done. Went over to Enterprise, Ala to check out some shopping stuff. It is known for the statue of the boweevil in the center of town. Those of you who are Yankee's like me and are not familiar with it, it is the little bug that came and wiped out the cotton crop here in the south. Sorry, don't know any more history than that , but it sure is a little ugly looking thing. This pretty statue of a girl holding some ugly bug, right in the middle of the intersection.

Anyway, been spending time reading a lot of other people's blogs, and looking at their pictures. What a joy that is. Can't wait till I can get out on the road and do a little traveling too.

So that is the whole of the day. Talked to daughter in Salt Lake and it is snow and snow and more snow. Looked at my weatherbug and checked out some of the traffic cams to see what her area looks like. Roads clear but snow on the sidewalks and buildings and stuff. Glad to be here in Alabama and not there. Just getting too old for all that cold.

On to another day and another dollar or two.

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