Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My dollhouse

I belong to several yahoo groups and have been talking with a member of one of them. They just bought themselves and used Cabin A3 just like mine. They took it on their first trip and had a great time. Course after they had more question's to ask me. I don't mind that at all cause I just love my little rig and love to talk to anyone about it.

Finished the little bag and it turned out quite nice. Been working on the second quilt top and am over half way finished that. Am on quite a roll for now. It is all because sewing with my new Bernina is just a dream. I am really enjoying having such a great tool to work with.

Haven't decided what I am going to do next. I have gotten two of the three deliveries on the craft/collage stuff I ordered. The third order shipped and should be here in a day or two and then I want to get started on some of that. The black paper I ordered is here now so that means I can get started making and working on the pages for the journal. I have had the cover made now since the summer and couldn't find the black paper I thought I had. Got tired of waiting and trying to find it so just ordered some new stuff. If I start that I will have to put off sewing for a little cause that will take some time to work on.

I have a altered book I started for use with my craft info. I can put info, stuff I want or need, or anything I want to add to it. So have decided to make one for the quilt stuff I do. I figure I can keep a record of the quilts I am making, the kind of thread I am using, or anything that pertains to that particular quilt in there. Have to do some altering to it first. Thinking of covering the outside in pieces of upholstery material . Make it look like a quilt, but sturdy and will hold up to a lot of abuse. Just thinking about it at this stage. Will be a work in progress as most of my stuff usually is.

It is chilly tonight and I have the heat on low. I am feeling colder than usual and hope that is all that it is. Don't feel like I am coming down with anything, just cold. Hope I am warmer tomorrow. It is in the low 40's so it is not as cold as a lot of other places, thank goodness.

Today is bill paying day. Boring, but it has to be done. I will just have to hurry up and do it so I can get back to playing, which is so much better.

Got to talk to daughter and find out if there is anything more definite about her coming in March. I can hardly wait to see her. I really miss her so much, and my son in law and my grandbabies ( the three dogs ). I miss the love and attention I get from them and the hugs I get from my daughter. Course my son in law will hug me, just not as often as my daughter does.
Miss cooking in the kitchen with her and doing other things too. Maybe soon.

Well, it is late and I am getting tired and I think I will just get covered up and crash.

Stay safe Stay warm Take care


June said...

Hi LindaSue, Enjoyed your blog. We have a lot in common. I'm also a retired nurse, 100%disabled from work, and love to camp in my little TAB teardrop. My craft is stained glass, and I'm making little glass campers for the Rally I'm hosting in New England next fall. I read your comments on the tiny trailer site, and realized we both use the same items when camping, which led me to your blog. Close in age too! If you can make it up to CT next fall, please join us at the RAlly!

pattilou said...

Hi LindaSue,
I enjoyed reading about you and I love your dollhouse. Looks to be lots of fun for you! I just retired (again) last June. This time it's real as I took my retirement since I'm 62. Lots of fun days ahead for you! The part I like best are there are no time clocks!

Fab Grandma said...

Linda, I like your blog, too. I keep a scrapbook of the quilts I make. It is rather plain, just a 3 ring binder with sheet protectors. In the sheet protectors, I have put construction paper. On the paper, I tape, glue or staple anything I have about the quilt I am working on--scraps of each fabric, any sketches I might have made, pictures of the pattern I used, pictures of completed blocks, pictures of the completed quilt, then a picture of the quilt with the person I made if for, if possible. I can really see the progress I have made since I started quilting!