Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is really fun

I can't say thank you enough to the ladies for making comments on my blog. Also to all the ladies that have looked and emailed me. And all the ladies I talk to via the blogs. And can't forget all the ladies, now friends, I am making from the yahoo groups I belong to. The is an awesome and a reality check for me. Thought I would spend a lot of time here in SE Ala alone. Not so, in fact I am getting really busy answering and sending emails, reading blogs and of course my quilting. In between I cook and wash and all those other boring things.

I finished the second quilt top and now into the third one. Not using any pattern so to speak. Sort of just putting them together. I think I mentioned earlier about the Moda fabrics I am using. Also that I had been out of quilting for a few years. As with anything else quilting has grown. Moda, as many of you probably know ( but I didn't ) takes a group of material that have been designed to go together and makes a bundle of 5" squares ( called charm blocks ), then they have the same material cut into 2.5" strips ( called jelly rolls ). So you can buy a set of charm blocks and jelly rolls and some extra material and wola you have a stash of material all matched up for you. You can cut it, fold it, just anything and then sew it together and you are done. I love it. No decision to make on what goes together, it is all done for you. I have to say they have some real talented designer's and artist's and the quality of the material is top of the line. Since I have been out of touch with the process and all my material is in Central Florida in storage this is working out great. Beautiful colors, darks and pastels, and all kinds of prints and solid and everything in between.

Mentioned earlier about the little tote bag I made and sort of messed up. Well I have started a second one and this time will do it right. Especially now that I know where I went wrong. Also made a cute little mini bag. It is going to hold my thread and bobbins and stuff for when I take a class or are working on something that I am taking camping with me. One of those good things.

Now I am stuck or tired. The last two or three day's I have been thinking of things that I wanted to say in this post. I guess I should have posted then because now I can't think of the things I wanted to say. Let's see, 61 coming in June, I wonder if that has anything to do with my forgetting. Now it is getting deep.

So will close for now. I am sure when I go and lay down all the thing's I wanted to put down and can't remember will just pop into my head. Then I will lay there trying to decide if I should get up or not. Decisions decisions.

Hope all are well and safe and warm.

More to follow.

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