Thursday, February 14, 2008

WOW My first comment on my blog

What excitement, my first comment on my blog. And wouldn't you know it would be from one of my favorite bloggers " Fab Grandma ". Bless your heart, thank you and look forward to more of them. She is camp hosting in North Georgia at the moment. Hope it isn't too cold up there.
Cold here last night, I think it got down to 29, but still not as cold as other places. So I am grateful, but still cold.

Well I did it again. Just had to go back to the quilt store for some more thread. Couldn't finish the little tote bag I had started with out it. And of course I had to get a few more things!!! Too many, costing too much, but had to have it. And now I have a few more projects to do.

Well tonight I finished the little tote and it turned out cute even with the mess up I did with the construction. Will post a picture tomorrow if I can figure out how to do it. Now I am back to finishing my sister's quilt. Almost done with the top. One more row to add to the sides and then I have two rows to add to the top and the bottom. Then I can take it back to the quilt store, hurray, to have it quilted.

Talked to daughter last night. Salt Lake City is getting snow and more snow. Son in law was in his third hour of trying to get home and not half way yet. Normally a 45 minute drive was becoming a trip from you know where. I talked to him for a minute, he was ok, but getting tired of sitting and going so slow when he was able to move. Worry about daughter driving in the mess because her experience doing it is limited. In other words, never before, but definitely having to learn. Not to laugh, but better them than me. Sure am getting too old for that mess.

Since it is Valentine's day I hope everyone got some candy or a kiss or I love you or something a little special. I got my husband some happiness. You see, with being disabled and not working I have been at time's a very unhappy person. Now he is seeing me having fun and doing things, and that makes him happy. He enjoys all the things I do, is proud of my accomplishment's, and encourages me to continue. So buying more stuff today at the quilt store made me happy, so he is happy. That is where the happiness comes from, me buying more material to make him happy. Wonder if I can get away with that for his birthday, Father's day, Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor day weekend, Thanksgiving, Xmas, and New Year's Eve. Did I leave any out. Sure hope not. Wonder how long I can keep it going. For awhile anyway, if not, I will make it last for as long as I can.

OK, have to get back and continue to finish that quilt. Got a jacket pattern today and want to start on that next. This time I will read all the instruction's to begin with. I promise.

Take care Stay warm and stay safe

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