Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Missed it

Guess some folks had a run in with some bad weather last night. We are in SE Ala so we missed all the bad stuff. Have to give thought to those who lost family or house or more. A horrible thing to live through. We just moved up here from Central Florida so have lived through some of the hurricanes before. No fun at all, it is so disruptive to everything. Things can be replaced but not family and friends. With hurricanes you can prepare a little for the storm, but with tornadoes there is no preparation. They just come and if you are lucky it doesn't strike you or yours. It is kind of like the lotto, but in this there is no winning, just a break or not.

So I have my new sewing machine and do I love it or not. She runs like a dream. Not anything close to the top of the line, but for me it works. I don't do a lot of fancy stuff so will work for me for a long time. I would like to have an embroider machine some day. I just got a serger a couple of weeks ago and still have to learn how to use it. Got to keep busy.

One note. I made a comment on one of the blog sites I read. More like a question and lucky me I got an email back tonight. A Quilter's Life in a box is the lady I wrote to and she was so sweet to have answered me and so fast too. I guess this blogging stuff and the folks that do are kinda like RVer's. So helpful and willing to share.

Life is good.

Not too much to post about. Went to Target tonight cause some folks on a Yahoo group I belong to were talking about some lp cannisters that were marked down and a little single stove too. Guess the Target in my area is not doing a clearance, but I did pick up an electric space heater. Actually the box had two in it for the price of one. Then they were on sale for 30% off. So two ceramic space heaters that are thermostatically controlled for 20 bucks. A good deal for me. Now I have one to put in my little camper for heat if I need it. My camper has a lp heater, but it is so powerful it just blows you away. It should probably be in something a lot bigger. So a little space heater is much more effective. Plus I don't plan on camping too much in the cold anyway. Gettin too old for that stuff. My body talks to me when it is cold outside. It is one of those just in case deals. In case it gets cold outside, like below 60. I can also use it here where I keep my little rig so it doesn't get to cold inside while it is just sitting here.

Guess I will shut it down for tonight.

Stay safe and warm.

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