Saturday, February 16, 2008


The quilt is done. Now I took some of the leftover square's and made a cute little bag. It is about 3x3x6 with a little handle. Have to get a zipper for it tomorrow so I can finish it.

Tired tonight. Guess I tried to do too much. It is what I do a lot of the time anyway. No one to blame but me.

Beautiful day today and spent it inside. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. Then clear for the rest of the week. Will get out and do some cleaning up of my little dollhouse to get ready to go to Florida the end of the month or the first of next month. Either way it will be strawberries and more strawberries. Can't wait for that.

Must mention about something I picked up last week. I had seen the advertisement on TV and had thought about getting one. Looked at it a time or two before. I finally got one at WalMart for the RV mainly because of the size. It is one of those new hand held vacuum systems for the storage of food. You can get quart and gallon size bags to use with it. It wasn't that expensive it it lasts for awhile. First time I tried it I was following the directions, but was pushing down too hard on the counter. Found info on use on the web site and decided to try it again. This time with positive results. In fact it works great and will be a neat tool to add to my little dollhouse.
It would have been great last year when we went to Jacksonville and I found fresh caught shrimp for 2.50 a lb. and bought 40 lbs to take home. Of course I had to wash them and take the heads off, then pack them in ice so they would take the trip home. Could have used this little device and also gotten them ready to freeze. Oh well, next time.

Later Stay warm and safe wherever you are. Happy quilting/crafting or cooking.

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