Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It Works Great

Well I did it again. Told you earlier that I had gotten my new little Bernina. Well today I had to get out and get a birthday card for my daughter who turns 41 this coming Saturday. Well, been talking ( really emailing ) to another blogger lately who is also a quilter. I had been told about this little quilt shop over in Ozark. So here I go figuring I could knock out two birds with one stone. Looking at all the posting and picture's of the quilts she has done or is working on got my get up and go going. Bad thing.

It is not an old house but the inside is done so that it looks like a little old house. Well here I go, I walk in and almost shout out " A little piece of heaven out in the middle of nowhere". I am so bad. Just cause I am from a big city ( Chicago ) and have been living near Orlando for the last 15 years, I suppose I should expect that I won't find all the thing's I am looking for. I mean, Orlando just got their very own IKEA. What else could you want. I can get my Vienna Hot Dogs, Vienna beef sandwiches, Pannera Bakery's, Chicago style pizza, but no Jay's Potatoe Chips. Oh well, you can't have everything.

So, let's get back to the quilt shop. The lady that owns is so nice and helpful. There is so much to look at. I spent over two hours wandering and looking and asking question's. They even have a longarm so when I finish my sister's quilt I can get it finished. That is one of the main reason's I wanted to check it out. Yea, if you believe that I have some ---------. Anyway, I picked up and picked up and looked and drooled and had the best time. Of course I spent way too much. Won't say how much just in case my hubby, who is computer illiterate, ever looks at this. It's my money anyway, so he can't say anything. I mean he went to Pannera's today in Montgomery and only bought me one cookie and one cherry danish. Could have at least bought me two. Cheapskate. So I got my material fix today. Something I haven't done in so long. It was a great feeling, cause I do love to quilt. Even bought a pattern to make the cutest little tote bag.

Had to come home and cook dinner, clean up and other wifely stuff. Got that over with and then got out the pattern for the tote. Got the material all cut out and then couldn't resist working with my new machine. What a joy. I have it almost done. It required some quilting. Now, I am not a machine quilter. I have tried on my other machine's with terrible results. My little Bernina is a whole different ballgame. Set the number's where they were supposed to be, tried it on a sample piece, and then went to town. What can I say, having the right tool for the job is the only way to go. I just can't say enough about the quality of the Bernina. This one is only one step up from the bottom in their pricing, but they don't skimp on quality. If I had the money I would get the 5 or 6 thousand dollar one. But, for my 200 dollars I am quite happy. This one will do for a very long time. So now I have two sewing machines that I probably will never use again. Anybody need a sewing machine. Got two for sale and I will give you a good deal.

So now I will have to finish my sister's quilt so I can get started on some of this new material I bought today. I think the cute little jacket that I bought the pattern for is next in line. It is not really quilted, but is made to look that way. I alway's need something for my arms when I have to go into a store. I am always cold, especially when they have the a/c running.

Am going to try to get some rest. Going to do breakfast for hubby and then sleep. Got that all turned around right now. Up all night, sleep till noon, then try to accomplish whatever I have to do. At least this way he get's breakfast before he has to leave to go to work. Good for him and I do enjoy taking care of him. After all he brought me one cookie and one cherry danish today.

Have a good day and take care. Over and out for now. More later. Will post a picture of the little tote when I finish if I can figure out how to.

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