Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's New

Well, finally made it and got the move to SE Ala over and done with. Still have stuff ( a lot of it ) in storage, but will deal with that later.

Been living in Central Florida for over 15 years and I guess I have to say that I miss the warmth and the sunshine. Colder here at this time of the year and the sun sure doesn't shine as much. I do miss that and the fresh produce. A big surprise is the cost of food. The meat here is so much cheaper than I have seen in years. You just have to shop at the local stores here. In comparison the Wally World charges the same as in Florida and I can get the same and better quality at more than a dollar less a pound. Ex: ground beef at WW was 2.36 / lb. while the local was 1.16 / lb. t-bone and rib eye ( which i rarely buy ) were only 4.99 and 5.99 regular price. Pork butt at .86 / lb. I could go on, milk about the same price, bread a little lower. Gas right now is 2.85 / gal for regular.

The pace is much slower here also. Not so much craziness and people rushing all over the place just to get somewhere they really don't want to be anyway.

I like my crafts and quilting and this area is lacking in that I only have a Hancock Fabrics and a Michael's to choose from. Thank goodness for the internet, because that make everything just a click away.

My hubby is really enjoying his new job driving tour bus for a smaller company than he worked for in Florida. Surprise, the pay is better. He is out of town a little more, but still in the area of Ala and Ga and Fl. So he is never more that an 8 or 10 hour drive away.

Guess that will be enough for today. Been getting caught up on the blogger sites I read and have enjoyed that a lot. Love to read about other folks and the things they are doing.

Have a good day.

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