Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This one is for you Patti

OK   so don't give me a hard time for taking so long to figure this out.   I am usually super fast with doing things, but this computer stuff takes me a thought process that is sometimes frustrating. 

This is the quilt I was telling you about.  Found the pattern on the Moda web site.   I didn't follow the directions real close.   I used all cotton, no brushed or flannel.   Cut out hundreds of squares, seems like almost 1500 maybe more.   Ok, just did the calculations and it is over 1200.  Then I followed the pattern from there on out.   It will be 19 squares across and 22 down.   I have all the squares cut out and sewn diagonally and have put 5 or 6 rows together.  It is starting to get heavy, so I can just imagine what it will weigh when done.

So this girlfriend is for you,   Not the quilt, just the pic.   Working on other stuff too and that will follow shortly.  

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Pattilou said...

I'm so happy to see what you are doing! Way to go girlfriend. It's lovely!!! I found a quiltshop in Bountiful that has scraps in bags (about 2 1/2 yds each) for $10! A few of them have had 5 inch squares in them. I'm saving them in a stack. Not sure yet what I'll do with them.