Monday, October 24, 2011

OK I gotta quit for now!

If I started to list all the new quilting blogs I have been looking at in the last couple of weeks I would need a new blog. LOL Just kidding, but it has been so much fun to see the thousands of quilter's out there and the blogs they create. Makes me feel pretty pitiful with mine.

My biggest problem is taking a pic. I have a small digital camera and although I am not very good at taking the pics I can take them and download them and I think I figured out how to put them on my blog, that is I will have to figure it our again. My problem is where to take them. We have such a little place, only 12 x 28 and it serves as bedroom/living room and a kitchen/toilet area, that it is difficult with the dim lighting to take any pics. Right now I have a light tan bedspread on my bed and will give it a try for some of the smaller stuff I have been creating.

I just made a few MUG RUGS. I just had too. They are so cute. My daughter just got a new job and will have her own desk and that started me on that road. First one is for her naturally. Then had to make a few more. Was having a problem with the binding. So last night I watched,again, a couple of U Tube video's and so today am going to make another rug and try to do the binding technique I watched last night. That is one reason I never got into making place mats and potholder and such. The binding was a pain. Don't have the problem with my quilts. Sew it on, turn the binding over and tack it down. For the mug rugs I was trying to sew the binding down all in one step. Wasn't working too well. So now to try it another way. That is me though, always looking for a shortcut.

Getting back to all the new blogs. Have gotten so many ideas and learned so many new things. What a joy. Then that is the best thing about quilters. Their willingness to share their knowledge and teach others and help when they can.

I have to stop reading and get to work. So that is what I am going to do now. Sew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then sew some more. AND yes Patti, I will post some pics.

So have a good sewing day to all, and thanks for looking. Oh yeah, I am going to try to open an Etsy shop. I decided that some of the stuff I do looks as good and the other stuff out there. ( I have always felt my stuff isn't up to par, even though my hubby and many others tell me that I do great work ) I am going to try. Later

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