Thursday, October 2, 2008


I spend so much time reading and enjoying other's blogs that I have neglected my own. Part because I have so much stuff to download and pictures to take. I just don't feel comfortable with the picture taking and posting part. I know I have done a few and not can't remember how I did it. So I have to take the time to do that part. Have been working on a lot of different things and trying out different techniques and just playing. Working on an altered book for no other reason than to just do. I suppose that fits a lot of folks out there. Anyway I am going to get busy and try to accomplish and not just say it or think it. Later

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R said...

I found your blog through one of the many groups I'm in. I can't remember which.

I read your profile and have to tell you, YOU ARE MY HERO! Only in my dreams would I live like that! I have a couple of kayaks that I haven't used in years. It's just terrible how I let life and/or laziness get in the way.