Friday, August 15, 2008

What's next

Why it is the nextgenerationstampers yahoo group, what else is there! I don't know now what or how I found it, but I joined yesterday afternoon and all I can say is "wow". I have already gotten some great links for stuff, ideas and supplies. Not to mention all the other blogs I can now go to and read.

Just have to ask myself, with all this new stuff to check out when is the time for crafting? So I stopped reading and watching videos for a little and dug out some stuff. Only have to buy 9 more and I will have all of Tim Holtz alcohol inks. That is 24 total. I have ( in storage in Florida ) all the ink pads in the Adirondack line minus a few of the new colors. I also have here most of the colors of the distress pads he has out.

OK, so I put a little piece of felt on my daubber tool and added some ink and stamped on a piece of memory glass. First time so I probably need a little more practice. Then on another blog ( I think ) that I was looking at yesterday or the day before where someone had used the alcohol inks to dye UTEE. I think that is what I remember, but at 61 the brain don't work so good and now I can't find the blog, but I will continue to look. So I took some clear UTEE and added some lettuce alcohol ink to it in a little plastic bag. Now to get out my melting pot and see what happens. I have dyed other stuff with the posh impressions little ink bottles and it worked great. So will see what happens with my now dyed UTEE. Am also going to dye some of the JudiKins amazing glaze with the alcohol inks ( I have the huge fat one pound jar of it ) to see what happens.

So it is off to play some more. Will leave the reading to tonight when I am tired and need to sit still. Got to get the camera out and set up a place to take some photos. Oh the dull and dreary life of the working no more old lady.

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