Friday, March 14, 2008

Never iron again

OK Never again will I iron my quilting blocks. I will PRESS them. I will try hard to remember to press my seams in any which way that will benefit my quilt laying flat. I will trim more off my seam allowance. I will press seams open if that makes the laying flat work better.

I suppose now you are wondering how I got so smart in such a short time. Go to Quilting is my Passion blog and you too can learn a lot of great things to help make you a better quilter. It was a blog I have been thoroughly enjoying reading. Now I can count this wonderful lady a friend. She is wonderful and a very kind person.

I know, I haven't posted in awhile. I have been quilting to my heart's content. I am almost finished with the 5th top. Wow, for me that is doing great. I know other's can do it a lot faster and get more done in a shorter time. I am happy with what I have done so far. Soon to start a new project of trying to learn and do crumb blocks. I am so excited about that. I hate to throw good material away and now I found a new way to use them and come up with a finished quilt in the process.

The picture above is a bird house I picked up at Michaels and painted and stamped and added stuff to for my sister. Notice my little birds in the holes. I also used velumn and punched out some flowers to add to the house. I was a fun thing to do and I did a lot more after that one.

The other picture is a flying fish. I used 2 cd's and using glue and fish line I glued them together. Then using the foam craft sheets and a pattern I had been given cut out the pieces to make the tail and arms and stuff. I used spray on webbing to decorate the cd and plastic jewel pieces for the eyes. I made almost a hundred of these to hang in our clubhouse for a party. ( Don't live there anymore ). They were a big hit and I sold quite a few for a dollar apiece. So now the RVer's where we used to live have these things hanging off their awnings for decoration. I used many different colors and stuff to decorate them. Wanted to figure out how to do a frog but never got around to it. I am not an artist and can't draw worth a darn.

Ok I will close for now and get back to quilting. All is well in this little world I have created for myself. My daughter is not coming from Utah and this makes me very sad. So I have to stay very busy to keep myself positive. I just started a new altered book and am in the process of gessoing the pages together. Hadn't studied what the theme would be, was just letting it talk to me. Well , thanks to a new friend I had a brainstorm and decided it would be about quilting. So now a new direction and project to occupy my time.

I will post more picture's of other project's I have done. Now that I have that figured out.

So for now Stay safe Stay warm Later

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