Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Self Imposed Slump

Where to start. In December 2009, after my last post, we had a little problem with a small flood. What a mess I tell you. We were so lucky the water didn't get into the house. I may have mentioned it before, but we have a small barn building that we are making into our little house. In the process of the water rising some neighbor's from down the road came and helped us get everything out of the house. We put in in their garage and play room. Then when the flooding was over and the ground dried out enough we moved our building down the road to their property ( they have 5 acres ). When we got the move done I put all the stuff back. I made the mistake of not doing in a good organized way. So needless to say things have been misplace.

Because of that and other things I have been in this slump. Not really doing much of anything. In the meantime we found a better piece of land and began the down payment process. That is done now and we have had a perk test done ( necessary before installation of the septic tank ). Things have continued to happen to require money be spent on that instead of developing the land. Maybe now we can continue to develop the the land so we can get moved out onto our property. By xmas we are hoping.

As I have mentioned before I read a lot of blogs, keeps my mind busy and I get so much info and learn so many new things. Yesterday I linked from one blog to another and then another and then another. It was as if it was supposed to be. I will write more about it later, but I think I am out of my slump. Will post more later.